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Verushka is an author who tells stories that showcase her neurodivergent interests. From cookbooks, comic books and children's books that explore African cuisine, Tropical rainforests and friendships! Born in Johannesburg and having lived in South Africa and traveling to USA, Verushka has experienced diverse cultures. This perspective allows her to create unique content. Her love for nature, food, and wildlife are seen through the adventures captured in every story. Her journey as a writer started with food. When she's not writing, Verushka can be found cooking up a storm in her kitchen. The combined smell of traditional dishes and South African songs are what take her back to her bustling community in Gauteng. South African cuisine is driven by rich flavors and recipes passed down from generations. In 2018, Verushka sought to share this culture with her newfound community in Chicago. She had a food stall at the Bantu Fest. It was there she saw the joy others displayed in discovering South African cuisine. This inspired her to launch a cookbook (Available now in both print and digital on Amazon). Her collection has now expanded to share other elements of her experience and culture. Follow along and discover new terrains with every book release!

My story

South Africa is a country filled with a rich history and heritage. A country with 11 official languages and a variety of culinary options. This is a cookbook of all the 50 recipes for the foods that I grew up eating, during my childhood and adult years in South Africa. As I migrated to Chicago, U.S.A. I began to crave all of the flavors from back home. I've always talked about food from back home and then began to cook for myself and my friends. This lead me to create a cookbook, in the hope of giving the world a glimpse of all the flavorful and heart made food available in South Africa. Each cookbook has pictures and instructions on how to make each dish with a conversion metric unit page and substitution options if needed. Recipes on how to make commonly used spice powders have also been included to add to your culinary archives! You will Love this book IF you are curious of some of the typical South African foods eaten in most homes, or at restaurants and would like to try experience the diversity of flavor profiles available. May you find joy in the process of cooking and enjoy the taste bud adventures of these flavorful dishes from the diverse regions and people of the Republic of Southern Africa! Included is my contact information for feedback, questions, or any suggestions, or just for connecting and keeping in touch! Happy Cooking! Warm Wishes, Yours Truly Verushka
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